Lucy the German Shepherd makes quite a striking first impression. With her bright white color and stately appearance, you?d think she?d be content calmly ruling from her throne. But this regal first impression covers a playfulness that her family has grown to love.

Lucy loves to chase squirrels ? and has plenty of opportunity to do so in her rural home in Texas where she lives with Mom and Dad, Nell and Vinnie, and siblings Rocky and Maude. She loves that mom works at home and checks in on her every hour or so with a nose kiss. She also gets real excited when her friend the UPS man shows up to bring mom documents from her office. On those occasions when Mom does leave for a while, Lucy greats her upon return by bouncing up and down like "Tigger" of Winnie the Pooh fame.

Lucy also enjoys playing with her brother Rocky too. She?ll empty out her entire toy box until she finds a tug-of-war toy, then bring it to Rocky and proceed to pull him all over the house, sliding on the tile floor. The jury is out on whether Rocky enjoys this as much as Lucy! Maude, the cat annoys her by drinking out of her water bowl, but Lucy is trying to learn to share. After all, they even LOOK alike. After a day in the exciting life of Lucy, you can?t blame her for wanting to stretch out next to mom on the comfy Tempurpedic bed. After all, she needs her rest before the next adventure comes tomorrow!